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Thanks a bunch for taking my son and I on such an awesome adventure. I now have a 15 year old son who can ride and control a motorcycle and a very happy boy. I am sure he will be telling his friends about this awesome experience for a long time to come.

It was a pleasure to ride with someone that is so experienced as yourself. Your knowledge with riding techniques, motorcycle operation, trails and motorcycle management on the trails made for a great experience. More than just the riding experience you are a terrific host and we all really enjoyed being with you for the better part of a day.

Your setup is organized with the right gear for all sizes, and you have great motorcycles that are ready to ride. I felt confident each time any rider went down that the bike would start back up and off we go again. My old days riding 2 cycle motorcycles you never knew if the bike was going to start or leave you on the side of the trail. I really appreciated that you had bikes that are up to the latest standards with the left hand rear brake, and the auto transmissions.

It completely removed the anxiety that I had putting my son on a bike for the first time knowing that he did not have to learn how to manage a clutch. I do think he should learn that, but until he is totally comfortable on motorcycles the clutch can be taught later.

Thanks and best regards, William Kengla Portland, OR

I needed a much needed break from the Alberta cold and to get my dirt-biking juices flowing and hopped on down to Arizona for two days throwing ourselves at the scenery with my good friend Emmett in January. We met the legend that is Doug at the Rancho Casitas for a relaxing evening to prepare for the next two days (best night sleep in years in a great location)!

After a fantastic breakfast of eggs and freshly plucked oranges we made our way out into cowboy land. The terrain down there is something to behold with a ribbon of single track enticing you through the cacti!. We even brought some rain to make it feel more like home.

The machinery we got to play with was savage!(Irish for awesome!). Fresh ktm 2 and 4 strokes with the rekluse clutch making an unbeatable addition to tackle the tricky terrain and obviously full safety gear and camelbacks.

All of this would be useless without a guru guiding us along and man thats what we got, in dirt-biking and life! Doug had us doing stuff on the bikes i never done before but well within our capabilities. They say the best way to learn anything and improve is go with people much better and experienced and that's what i got with my buddy Emmett the natural and Doug the machine. Gonna have to get to hood in the summer for a refreshe . . .

from Emmett and John - the Irish rovers

First, there is a great guy, Doug McDonald, who has bikes, gear, even boots, and he guides you through the best spots in the Hood River, Oregon Coast, Mount Adams and other areas. His bikes are late model Husky 250s and 300s with Rekluse and rear hand brakes that allow you to handle the super, and I MEAN SUPER, steep shit. Trials tires and bib mousses all around.

Most beautiful and challenging riding I have ever participated in. Really. This is great stuff. Of course, the guy is like a mountain goat so you will learn some shit. I literally can't wait to ride again in these areas. We are shut down with fire risk right now but when first rain comes, watch out. He has some easier stuff too but I am sure you will get into some areas that will reinvigorate your aspirational riding.

Not having to ship bikes is also great. Also, food, wine and beer in Oregon is amazing, so night is fun. Wine tour on days off. Also, weed is legal in Oregon and Washington. Never altitude sickness or HAPE (high altitude pulmonary edema - you could be seriously dead), which is nice. So, Colorado has nothing on Oregon, bitches!


I can’t believe how good the dirt bike session was. I was expecting a somewhat lame, easy, follow the leader type of experience similar to ATV, and horseback excursions I’ve been on.

Not the case!

Even having grown up on dirt bikes and racing, this was a wonderful and challenging time- exceeding my every expectation. From the quality of the bikes and the difficulty of the terrain to the personal coaching and ability to keep us at the edge of our skill level, Doug’ s program has me so impressed that I would recommend it to anybody.

All I have left to say is “WOW” What a great time.

Jeff Anderson

Spending my vacation on the west coast I decided to give dirt biking at Doug’s Oregon rental bike a try. I don’t regret that. If you are out for a real physical and mental challenge in the beautiful wilderness of Oregon or Washington, then this is the thing to do. Under the reassuring guidance and coaching of Doug it feels like you beat any track. I can absolutely recommend it and will come back if I have a chance coming over from Europe again.

Pieter van der Straaten – Amsterdam

7 months later, I came back to Oregon and immediately booked another ride with Doug (2nd one). This time we went to Hood River area. It was awesome again. 1st time it was great sightseeing in Mount Adams area, but this time really hard enduro training in forests and hills. I couldn’t believe we could climb those uphills – but we could. Wow! Can’t wait to get back here again :-)

Tapio Liusvaara – Finland

I had a blast riding with Doug. He was extremely knowledgeable, safe, patient, and most importantly, FUN! Despite a range of riding abilities amongst me and my buddies, Doug ensured we all left with huge smiles on our faces. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just getting started, I can’t recommend Doug highly enough.

Johnny Mack, Google

My two day adventure with Doug couldn’t have gone better. He was the perfect host, guide, coach, motivator and will even share his food with you in the event you run out!! His KTM’s are amazing machines and Doug is constantly thinking about the perfect setup for the conditions we were riding in. From beginning to end, my experience with Oregon Motorcycles was one of enthusiasm and camaraderie. The scenery and terrain are spectacular in this part of Oregon. You are in great hands with Doug. He loves what he does.

Bob Salter

Doug really made the day fun, and was great at coaching the three of us who had only ever ridden street bikes before. We had a blast riding through beautiful Fir Mountain and learning how to maneuver around obstacles, climb hills, and keep the bike in control. We ended our trip full of mud, sweat, sore muscles and a ton of memories…we’ll be back for sure.

Ken Seattle

Doug provides the best ride experience you’ll ever have. He knows all the trails like a human GPS and can customize your ride to fit exactly what you are looking for. His bikes are the best and his service is second to none. It’s the best money you will spend when visiting Hood River or Portland.

I had a blast riding with Doug. He is very knowledgeable about the terrain, the bikes, and the sport. I had been out once before with a couple of coworkers years back and have ridden a street bike for five years, but going out with Doug was a brand new experience. So much of the riding is mental and physical, he was a great coach.

We started small and he built confidence in the group by slowly amplifying the difficulty of the trails with occasional stops to work on important techniques that would keep us upright most of the time. To say the trip was beyond my expectations would be an understatement. Everything we needed was provided and the best part about the end of the day besides what we had accomplished, was not having to wash the bikes or gear. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Thanks again Doug.

Christian – Portland

Booked a ride with this guy and Wow what an awesome trip. He had rental 250 KTM’s all setup for the northwest – Auto clutch, Left rear brakes, tricked out suspension ect . Anyone looking for a memorable trip will love this guide service, the terrain was beautiful.

I highly suggest looking into this.

This is a must do if in the Pacific Northwest! I was flying up to Portland from Texas to visit a long time friend, when my buddy suggests we rent some dirt bikes. I look into dirt biking in the area, and WOW, yes we must do that. So, next thing I know I’m being brought into a three way call with Doug, and the planning begins. OK well that was easy, plans are set. That was easy, and the waiting/anticipation begins.

After what seems like forever, the day finally comes. A guy from flat earth Texas gets to ride dirt bikes in the mountains. For some reason I thought this was going to be a lazy stroll on some really easy trails, And in my mind I was hoping I would at least get a taste of some of the epic single track I have now read so much about. HA! Boy was I wrong, and so happy to be wrong. First day out was a ride in the Mount Adams area. WOW!!!! Full on, epic single track. I was a bit taken back, I’m used to fields and the woods riding is still flat, now I’m on a mountain! First few obstacles and I’m spent. What!?! How can this be…

No worries, Doug is a fantastic guide, a few words of encouragement, a few deep breaths and I’m ready to go, this became a theme for the fist day. By the end of day one my whole body hurts, there were no bad get offs, just the most physical riding I have ever done, by a long shot, and I am all smiles! What a ride! Amazing trails, amazing views, and most importantly an amazing guide! Oh did I mention Doug’s KTM’s were freakin awesome! So on the drive back to the meet up area we are planning out the ride for day two, and I can’t wait.

The next morning I woke up I was so ready to ride that all the sore muscles from day 1 were just shut out. Day two was in the Hood River area, and again I was treated to more epic single track, great views, great riding, and an absolutely great time. Memories like this will never be forgotten. If you like to ride, and want to see the PNW in a way that will be truly memorable give Doug a call, you will not regret it! Doug is an amazing guide. Never did the bike give me any issues. Doug was very patient with me, his bike are extremely well sorted, and has a passion for life that is infectious. I cannot wait to get back up there and book another ride with Doug.

If you are even on this page and thinking about it, stop thinking about it and just do it!

Trey S.

Doug, I appreciated your fair, no-bullshit approach that also weaved in humor, positive coaching, and demonstration of experience. We (the Flint brothers, et. al) can be a difficult bunch of buttheads to wrangle and control, and you commanded our attention and respect masterfully.

Jesse also has the patience of a saint. If you remember, 5 of us were less experienced than the 4 guys you took on the single trails, and for many of us it was our first time on a motorcycle. Jesse knew exactly how to deflate our nervousness and fear (a few of us had some acrophobia) when we would down a bike right next to a steep decline & have to get it up and going again. Keep in mind--the Cascade mountains have more fear-inducing angles of elevation than the Edwards Escarpment does in the Hill Country of central Texas. However, to enter the temple of the Shred Gods, one cannot have fear....

(If you'll permit me to extend the metaphor to our group) The Tillamook forest has the ideal topography and botanical makeup to make it the perfect setting for a Shredding temple; the spongy, wet ground, logging road access, elevation, and scenery allow for man + machine to work together as designed--and thus, allows for transcendence of the experience. So, if every temple has a shaman/chieftain that leads their disciples to wisdom and enlightenment, and if every disciple and chieftain prays to the Gods of Shredding, then those Shredding Gods will require a great sacrifice. The sacrifice we offer is SHREDDED GNAR (which is composed of dirt+water+small bits of wood + mossy-shit); the shred gods will also accept our blood, sweat, bruises, and broken bones as sacrifice, but our shred shamans knew all the good medicine to keep their disciples from having to give any of that up. The shred gods are hungry, and it takes a lot of GNAR to fill them up; I have to think that we pleased them that day.

Corny metaphor aside, I want to endear to you my thankfulness for the experience, and I also speak for the other 8 guys that you took out to shred. It would've been easy enough for you guys to strap some gear on us, slap us on the asses, and sit back in camp counting the money while we drove your bikes off cliffs like Wile E. Coyote.

I had never ridden a motorcycle before the day you guys took us out, and now I find myself pricing the 50-150cc new/used bikes in my area. I don't necessarily need a KTM/Husqvarna beast, but something affordable for this baby bird to learn how to fly better with. I've got the itch to shred, and luckily for me, I can scratch it at a 1300 acre ranch.

However, I need to get much better first, so that my ass doesn't end up like a pincushion full of cactus needles and mesquite thorns. I also want to get better because our group was in agreement that we would like to employ your services again in the future when we had more experience.

Thank you for your effort and candor with us, we thought it was worth every penny. To your potential customers: HIRE THIS MAN'S SERVICES!!!! Shredding with Doug and Jesse is guaranteed to be fun and will be a cherished memory for the rest of your years, just as our experience was for us. To all the unshredded gnar out there--WATCH YOUR ASS! Doug and the Texas boys will get you soon enough!

Keep doing the great job you do, keep reflecting your love for your work, keep shredding. Please take care of yourself and watch out for Sasquatches (btw, any good stories about that? I understand the Columbia River area is Bigfoot central...just curious.)

Anyway, We loved it!


Ken Moller