How to schedule Your Ride!

Choose your bike(s) on the form below, select the dates you want to ride and then give us your contact info.

Experienced riders:

2017 KTM 300xc. Husqvarna 2017 TX 300, Husqvarna 350fx. KTM 250xc. Several different setups available upon request,from Stock,to Auto-clutch,to left hand rear brake. Light and powerful. Take on anything possible!

Beginners to Intermediate

KTM 150xc.This bike is a screamer. Riders 5'3" and taller have the best standover. High performance setup without the heavy hit of the 250. Lowered for smaller stature.

Daily Motorcycle Rentals are $350 for a full day per person. 300's and 350 models, expert riders only please. Training Groups are small, book early for your day

All rides include complete gear setup,along with hydration pack and lunch.Now, you have no excuses,get out and shred it up!Tours are limited to your posse only.

What we provide:

The ride - ready for your skill level and the suspension set up for your weight. Helmet, boots, all-armor, pants and jersey. Hydration pack/roostguard combo. Lunch - if you have special dietary needs let me know and 'll have it flown in! Goup Size. We limit the groups size to 6 riders, for the best possible experience.

Private one on one time is available on request, solo, or just your posse. Costs vary depending on the riders needs. If you've wanted to get to the next level, this is the way to achieve your goals, and train to proficiency.

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