Your Friendly Singletrack Trail Techs!


Looking at what I do today makes me laugh! I am still doing the things that I did when I was has the same appeal today as it did then and more!

Trials riding has been my passion. Competing at the Expert-Pro level for five years, I revel in the technical trail sections. After retiring from Trials, Enduro riding was a natural progression. The northwest brings endless challenges to experience. There is always something new to learn, from getting the bikes running after a swim in a spring creek, to missing a line on a climb that you've done a hundred times.

I keep training to become...what? Each rider has to answer this question, for only he or she knows where they want to go with this sport and please themselves. After thousands of rides, mastery of the motorcycle still eludes me. This is what drives my sessions. I feel the need to twist the throttle and that's the stoke that drives the day. Some sessions are zen and some return me to the basics.

There are no rules, and this keeps it alive for me.

I really enjoy sharing with other riders and putting them on a trail that gives them a great experience, that perfect day where the challenge meets or just exceeds the skill level. And we can once again up the game a notch. My strength is plotting a ride for people, watching them complete the challenge and see them coming back for more.

See you on the trail - Doug "Mack" Mcdonald



Born and raised in Mosier, Jesse started riding in the Hood River valley 20 years ago. Native to the Northwest, he has a deep appreciation for the wilderness that breeds the singular beauty we have here. That respect, coupled with an enthusiasm to explore and share the hidden wonders with like minded folks make him a great new addition to OMR!

While working full time in the aviation maintenance industry has fulfilled a need to travel and challenge himself, motorcycles have remained a constant source of joy in his life from teenage years forward. To be able to pass that stoke on to our great clients is an honor indeed.

Jesse is your guy for the less technical side of the ride; specializing in beginner tutelage and flowy single track rides, he'll tailor your ride for maximum enjoyment, his trailside mechanical skills guarantee you minimize any downtime, and his knowledge in this neck of the woods means you never have to deal with being turned around.

All that and he's a heck of a nice guy to boot!

  • 7 months later, I came back to Oregon and immediately booked another ride with Doug (2nd one). This time we went to Hood River area. It was awesome again. 1st time it was great sightseeing in Mount Adams area, but this time really hard enduro training in forests and hills. I couldn’t believe we could climb those uphills – but we could. Wow! Can’t wait to get back here again :-)
    Tapio Liusvaara – Finland
  • Saint

    First, there is a great guy, Doug McDonald, who has bikes, gear, even boots, and he guides you through the best spots in the Hood River, Oregon Coast, Mount Adams and other areas. His bikes are late model Husky 250s and 300s with Rekluse and rear hand brakes that allow you to handle the super, and I MEAN SUPER, steep shit. Trials tires and bib mousses all around.

    Most beautiful and challenging riding I have ever participated in. Really. This is great stuff. Of course, the guy is like a mountain goat so you will learn some shit. I literally can’t wait to ride again in these areas. We are shut down with fire risk right now but when first rain comes, watch out. He has some easier stuff too but I am sure you will get into some areas that will reinvigorate your aspirational riding.

    Not having to ship bikes is also great. Also, food, wine and beer in Oregon is amazing, so night is fun. Wine tour on days off. Also, weed is legal in Oregon and Washington. Never altitude sickness or HAPE (high altitude pulmonary edema – you could be seriously dead), which is nice. So, Colorado has nothing on Oregon, bitches!

  • Spending my vacation on the west coast I decided to give dirt biking at Doug’s Oregon rental bike a try. I don’t regret that. If you are out for a real physical and mental challenge in the beautiful wilderness of Oregon or Washington, then this is the thing to do. Under the reassuring guidance and coaching of Doug it feels like you beat any track. I can absolutely recommend it and will come back if I have a chance coming over from Europe again.
    Pieter van der Straaten – Amsterdam
  • I had a blast riding with Doug. He was extremely knowledgeable, safe, patient, and most importantly, FUN! Despite a range of riding abilities amongst me and my buddies, Doug ensured we all left with huge smiles on our faces. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just getting started, I can’t recommend Doug highly enough.
    Johnny Mack, Google