Off Road Training

Ever get out in the woods, but know you lack the skill set to master the areas you want to ride?

Come to OMR and train for success!

We're dedicated to provide the you with the training necessary to excel on any terrain. Developing a skill set takes time and your mind can only absorb so much information in one session. To be successful everything you learn must be practiced to transfer real-time action into muscle memory.

The best results will come by putting you on the right terrain and letting the lessons come naturally based on your current skill set, physical ability and desire.

Everything you will learn at OMR will be on the trail and not in a school environment.

Here are a few examples of the types of training is available.

Beginners - the basics
  • Proper attire and armor - what to wear to stay in one piece. (Nothing stops progress like an injury.)
  • Bike setup - how to pre-ride check a bike to make sure you are safe for a fun session. This includes contact point knowledge and how to make your bike into a machine that fits your type of riding.
    • Riding ergonomics- including basic attack positions for the terrain you will be practicing in.
    • Basic maintenance and trouble shooting.
    • Any riding technique you want to cover.
  • Trail knowledge - where to stage to avoid the crowds and head-on collisions.
  • Trail system layouts in the areas we ride. Step by step you'll learn where to go and how to read weather conditions. Also, safety instruction and basic navigation.
  • Tricks for bike set-up to take you to the next level. This includes all the mods we have R & D over the years for you to make your bike into a single track weapon.
  • Where you can get the best mechanics and quick turnarounds.
  • Any riding technique you want to cover.
  • Tricks to take your riding over the top.
    • Pivot turns
    • Launch pivot turns
    • Switchback mastery
    • Suspension tricks
    • Stream crossings
    • Log hopping etc. will all be available on the trails we will be riding.
  • Advanced ergonomics.
  • Steep training and gnarly terrain mastery.
  • Any degree of difficulty will be on the menu - depending on exposure.
  • Advanced navigation.

What are you waiting for?

Come out and see what you've been missing.