Trail Conditions

Trail conditions for October 15 2017 through April 1 2018. I can predict the future, that's right! I am in Wickenburg Arizona, where you should be if you want to twist the throttle every day, yes say it, every day. It's going to be a warm and clear winter in Wickenburg, where trails are epic on a daily basis. Don't wait to book a trip to Az, as I tend to book out 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Get out of the cold, rainy, snowy, gloomy, overcast days, and shred it up on a new KTM or Husqvarna you've always wanted to ride. 65 to 85 degree days make for unlimited possibilities in the dirt. Lodging; Rancho- Casitas horse ranch is a great place to stay, located in the sleepy town of Wickenburg, 20 minutes from some of the best singletrack anywhere. Suitable for beginner to Pro, you won't be dissapointed. Come down, and see for yourself that you too can shred it up all year! Mixed skill level parties? No problemo, as this terrain can be ridden side by side for a family vacation or pals who want to ride together. See you this winter. Cheers!